'Big Daddy' M6 - Large Magnet

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'Big Daddy' M6 - Large Magnet
'Big Daddy' M6 - Large Magnet
'Big Daddy' M6 - Large Magnet
'Big Daddy' M6 - Large Magnet
'Big Daddy' M6 - Large Magnet

Designed and developed by WBP (Wild Beast Products) for multiple uses on wildlife exclusion projects. 

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Powerful, stainless steel magnets, for holding traps and bird netting in place.

Metal roofs, commercial parapets, metal bridges, etc.

The Big Daddy M6 is a neodymium, non-marring, rubber-encapsulated magnet, with built in M6 size threaded bolt attachment and has a POWERFUL 90 LB hold. It comes with a washer, M6 size wing-nut and lock-nut. The Big Daddy M6 has a diameter of 3 1/2".

Perfect for:

  • Intimidators and other various bird deterrents
  • Traps of all sizes: cage, snap or bait boxes for animals such as squirrels, raccoons, possums, birds, etc.
  • Bird netting 
  • Cameras and other video monitoring equipment
  • Motion lights and sensors
  • Tool holsters
  • Bird wire

This magnet is suitable for use in most any wind condition when attaching the Intimidator and other bird deterrents.