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Intimidator ORIGINAL

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For years we have been manufacturing and selling the Intimidator bird deterrents. From inception at humble beginnings, to years later at our own facility where we continue to create, invent, and perfect products daily. After tens of thousands of sales, we have recently teamed up with WCS to take over the production and sales of the Intimidator. This allows us to provide our end users with a faster turn around time, and allows us to do what we do best, innovate/create/test/collaborate/&research.


A patented, holographic, avian deterrent system, designed to visually deter woodpeckers and other troublesome birds from open areas like siding, eaves, ledges and rooftops. The custom bracket allows the deterrent to be attached to most substrates with only one screw, or it can also be mounted to our magnets for easy attachment to ferrous metals. Simply attach to substrate around the affected areas where sun exposure is available. Application recommended on highest points of structure in most cases. Depending on angles and structure, more deterrents may be needed. Typical coverage for deterrents is between a 20 to 30 ft. radius, depending on sun exposure. The upper apparatus is designed for medium to high level winds, while the lower apparatus is designed for low to medium level winds. Studies have shown the two-part system to be more effective at scaring birds with erratic movements and light patterns than other visual deterrents. Built to last with exterior grade components, Intimidator will provide you with long lasting results, professional appearance, and peace of mind.

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